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The Viewing & Presenting Team is a group of teachers who are interested in viewing & presenting as a key part of the language curriculum. They are conducting a two-year inquiry into viewing & presenting at NIST, and will be using an adapted Gradual Release of Responsibility model to do this:

They will begin their inquiry by looking at how teachers and other adults in the school are modeling and demonstrating how they view and present information. They will do this by going around the school and taking photos, interviewing and noting their observations. They are not making value judgments – they are just looking at what is happening in the school!

If you have something that you think the team should see, please make a comment to tell us about it.

Here’s a small slideshow of examples of ways that teachers are modeling the presentation of information that I have seen so far:

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Conceptual understandings from IB Language Arts Scope and Sequence Document


Your Team’s Ideas

Hopefully, each of the teaching teams should now know about the “Team Presentation”.

Homeroom Coordinators, please make a brief comment to share your team’s thoughts on how to go about doing the presentations. Hopefully, this will serve the dual purpose of sharing ideas and illustrating how flexible the task is and how important it is that teams present in a way that represents who they are.