Yesterday, I referred to two professional inquiries (about language teaching and learning) that I know are already taking place in the school. Year 3 are conducting an inquiry into the word study approach to one of the most complex areas of language arts, spelling (see their planner above). Year 2 have been conducting inquiries into “Reading for Meaning” and metacognition. In the process of these inquiries both teams are doing professional reading, sharing their thinking, putting ideas into practice and so on. It’s very exciting!

In addition, the way that the elementary school has interpreted the 3rd ECA has resulted in even more professional inquiries – some totally relevant to language arts.

It’s happening all the time, and I’d like to help spread the knowledge, share the ideas and invigorate all of our teaching practices as a result of your own inquiries.

So, please make a comment to tell us all about…

  • A professional inquiry you have already done
  • A professional inquiry you are working on at the moment
  • A professional inquiry you would like to start

These inquiries could be big or small, planned or unplanned, formal or informal, personal or collaborative.