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I went for my first round of drop-ins to people’s classrooms today. I had emailed beforehand and said that I was going to come by as many rooms as I could in order to:

  • Start getting a sense of what is happening in all the classrooms in the Elementary School
  • Get a good relationship going with all of you that is non-confrontational, collegial and spontaneous
  • Get a big picture understanding of beliefs and practices in Language Arts

The experience was really positive and really confirmed how powerful it is to go and see what other teachers are doing. I came away with a much better understanding of what my colleagues are doing and several ideas that I’d like to start putting into practice in my own classroom. It would be wonderful if every teacher did a quick walk-around in one of their free periods each month, for example.

I’m going to do a separate posting for a number of things that I saw so that people can make specific comments.